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Yealink Yealink UVC20 fixed 1080p USB webcamera for desktop use
Artikelnr: UVC20
1080p and integrated privacy shutter. Turnable mount and tripod. The Yealink UVC20 is a full HD webcam for a brilliant personal desktop video experience, which can be applied to remote working, open meeting scenarios, distance education, training, live streaming, and telemedicine. Powered by 5,000,000 pixel full HD glass lens, Omni-direction mic, auto exposure, auto focus, and rotatable lens, UVC20 ensures perfect clear video in any environment. Compatible with virtually all video conferencing software applications, you can quickly set up and run any meeting.
Typ: Konferenssystem
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POLY Universal Camera Mounting for EE IV, EE III, EE HD
Artikelnr: 2215-68675-001
Universal Camera Mounting for EagleEyeIV-12xand4x. Mounts on the wall/other flat surfaces over 6.5in deep or flat screen displays greater than 5/8in thick. Includes tripod mount. Also supports EagleEye Director, EagleEye HD, EagleEye III, EagleEye View.
Typ: Tillbehör
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Yealink Yealink UVC30 fixed 4K USB webcamera for desktop use
Artikelnr: UVC30-Desktop
Yealink UVC30 Desktop is a new USB Camera with 4K UHD and 3x digital zoom for real and excellent experience. Equipped with built-in infrared sensor and face recognition, it supports Windows Hello feature to enhance your login security. Thanks to the sharp image and accurate color reproduction, it provides a vivid face-to-face video meeting experience in ultra HD 4K resolution and high frame rates. A wide FOV ensures everyone sitting before the monitor or laptop visible from far end. Featuring facial detection, UVC30 Desktop always frame people smoothly and correctly to accomplish a much more intelligent experience.
Typ: Konferenssystem
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POLY RealPresence Trio 8800 EE Mini, Collaboration Kit
Artikelnr: 7200-85310-001
Expertrecensioner: 7 recensioner
PolycomTrio 8800 Collaboration Kit. Incl. Trio 8800 PoE, Visual+, EagleEye Mini, Ethernet (2.1m/4.5m/7.6m), 2m USB , 1.8m HDMI, VESA mount. Incl 1yr Prem for CALA. Maint Cont Req. POWER KIT NOT INCLUDED
Typ: Konferenssystem
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POLY RealPresence Trio 8500 EE Mini, Coll. Kit, SfB/Lync
Artikelnr: 7200-85330-019
Polycom Trio 8500 Collab Kit for Skype for Business on-prem/online. Incl Trio 8500 PoE, UCS SfB lic, Visual+, EagleEye Mini, ENET (2.1m/4.5m/7.6m), HDMI1.8m, VESA mnt. Incl 1yr Prem CALA, 3yr PP China. Maint Cont Req. PWR KIT NOT INCLUDED
Typ: Konferenssystem
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POLY VisualPro codec only
Artikelnr: 7200-85660-125
Polycom Trio VisualPro CODEC ONLY. Incl: VisualPro codec, 1 HDMI 1.8m, 1 LAN 3.6m. NO PWR CORD - order Group 310 pwr cord separately. Not for RUS,CHN. Mntc Cntrct Req. Incl 1yr Prem for CALA. FOR TRIO 8800/8500 AND EAGLEEYE HDCI CAMERAS SOLD SEPARATELY.
Typ: Konferenssystem
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POLY RealPresence Touch w/silver trim for Group series
Artikelnr: 8200-84190-001
Polycom RealPresence Touch with silver trim for use with Group Series models. Requires PoE network connection or optional external power supply (2200-42740-XXX). One year Premier Maintenance Included in CALA.
Typ: Konferenssystem
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POLY VisualPro Collaboration Kit EagleEye IV 4x
Artikelnr: 7200-85480-101
Polycom Trio VisualPro/EagleEye IV 4x Collaboration Kit. Incl: VisualPro codec, EEIV 4x, 1 HDMI 1.8m, 1 CAT 5E LAN 3.6m, 1 HDCI digital 3m, Power cord: EURO-Type C, CEE 7/7. Maintenance Cntrct Req. FOR TRIO 8800/8500 SOLD SEPARATELY
Typ: Konferenssystem
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POLY RealPresence Group 500 720p, EagleEye IV 4x camera
Artikelnr: 7200-64510-101
RealPresence Group 500-720p: Group 500 HD codec, EagleEyeIV-4x camera, mic array, univ. remote, NTSC/PAL. Cables: 2 HDMI 1.8m, 1 CAT 5E LAN 3.6m, 1 HDCI digital 3m, Power: EURO-Type C, CE 7/7. Maintenance Contract Required.
Typ: Presentation och konferens
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Visar 1-56 av 56 objekt