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AUDIOCODES 10 Rack mount Shelves for MediaPack-11x
Artikelnr: MP-RMSHL
10 rack mounting shelves for MP11x
Typ: VoIP Gateway
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Artikelnr: IPP-PS-2AWR-EU-L-1U
På lager 45
Artikelnr: 26716-01
Plantronics - Handset cable (M) - Quick Disconnect - 10 ft
Typ: Tillbehör
På lager 12
POLYCOM 19" shelf for mounting RPGS 300 & 500 series codecs
Artikelnr: 2215-06177-001
Shelf for mounting the RealPresence Group 300 and 500 series codecs. This is a black 1u shelf for 19" racks which will hold the codec in position with a secure mounting system. 1u (1.75 inches)x17.5'' (without ears, 19'' width)x9.8'' deep. Shelf only.
Typ: Tillbehör
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POLYCOM EagleEye Digital Extender 100m via cat5e
Artikelnr: 2215-64200-001
EagleEye Digital Extender, extend the EagleEye IV or EagleEye Acoustic (sans audio) cameras up to 100m from the codec via customer provided Cat 5e cable. Includes: transmitter, receiver and 1m HDCI/mini-HDCI digital cable. (order power cord separately)
Typ: Konferenssystem
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POLYCOM EagleEye Director II w/ 2-EagleEye IV-12x cameras
Artikelnr: 7230-69420-101
EagleEye Director II with 2-EagleEye IV-12x cameras,pwr supply,Euro pwr cord.Interworking with RP Group series systems requires: HDCI input on codec,RP Group series systems sw v6.1 or later.Work as a USB camera system need SW 1.1 or later.Mnt Cnt Reqd.
Typ: Konferenssystem
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POLYCOM Ext.mics for IP 7000 2 exter.mics + 2 x 2,3m cables
Artikelnr: 2200-40040-001
Expansion Microphone Kit for SoundStation IP 7000. Includes two (2) expansion mics and 2.1m/7ft connection cables.
Typ: Konferenssystem
På lager 1
POLYCOM Extended Microphones 2 pcs SS VTX / IP6000
Artikelnr: 2215-07155-001
Expansion (EX) microphone kit for SoundStation VTX 1000 and SoundStation IP6000. Includes two EX mics and two 7ft/2.1m cables. Does not include China
Typ: Konferenssystem
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POLYCOM Group series microphone Tabletop, incl. 7,6m cable.
Artikelnr: 2215-63885-001
RealPresence tabletop Microphone Array: Contains one Microphone Array and one 7.6m/25' CLink 2 cable. Compatible with Group Series, Centro and SoundStructure.
Typ: Konferenssystem
På lager 4
POLYCOM Mounting bracket for EagleEye Producer
Artikelnr: 2342-65920-001
EagleEye Producer mounting bracket, extensions to be used with Universal Camera Mounting (2215-68675-001) or other EagleEye IV Polycom mounting solutions to secure EagleEye Producer to bracket. Includes: brackets, hardware and directions.
Typ: Konferenssystem
På lager 18
POLYCOM RMX 2000/4000 software upgrade
Artikelnr: VSWU2000
RMX 2000/4000 MPMRx system software upgrade to the then-current Generally Available (GA) release (excludes any/all new or upgraded hardware which may be necessary to support the current release)
Typ: Handböcker / programvara
På lager 999
POLYCOM RMX Module Shipping PSU, Module, Fan Assy
Artikelnr: VSHP0015
EXW Prepaid Shipping for (1) RMX Power Supply, RMX Module or RMX Fan Assy
Typ: Nät
På lager 999
POLYCOM RMX1k,2k,4k,VMC1k,MGC25 Shipp 1 system.
Artikelnr: VSHP0025
EXW Prepaid Shipping for (1) RMX 1800 or RMX 2000
Typ: Tillbehör
På lager 999
POLYCOM RMX4k,DMA7k,MGC50,MGC+50 Shipp 1 system.
Artikelnr: VSHP0050
EXW Prepaid Shipping for (1) RMX 4000
Typ: Tillbehör
På lager 999
POLYCOM RSS 2000 Shipping 1 system
Artikelnr: VSHP0100
EXW Prepaid Shipping for (1) R230 or R630
Typ: Basstation
På lager 999
Artikelnr: 2215-17824-125
Universal Power Supply for VVX D60. 1-pack, 5.1V, 1.7A, VDE, UK, UL, SAA power plug. Excludes Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia, UAE, Malasya,
Typ: Nät
På lager 2
POLYCOM VVX Wallmount Bracket kit VVX 3xx/4xx/500/600 5-pack
Artikelnr: 2200-44514-002
New VVX Wallmount Bracket kit. For use with VVX 3xx/4xx/500/600 phone. 5-pack.
Typ: Tillbehör
På lager 3
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